Setting The Grounds For Sales

Inspirational Quote

Selling is essentially a transfer of feelings.

Marketing vs. Sales

Marketing! Argh! … Sigh … As a small business owner with little time and resources, I often find it exhausting and overwhelming to think about marketing. With so many social media platforms, which one is right for me? How do I choose my networking groups? Should I partner with someone to provide complimentary services? Should I pay for advertising in print or online? How do I go about finding opportunities to present? Should I invest in pens, keychains, flyers, decals, cards? Oh my goodness! It’s important to know your target market and to be strategic. Rather than spread ourselves too thin, it’s better to focus on the tools that are right for you – where you can present your best self. Marketing takes clarity and effort. Likely, we won’t make the most advantageous choices in the beginning. But that’s okay. As clear as we may be in our future goals, there will be trial and error along the way. Even as we stumble on the path, we’ll get back up with perseverance and fortitude. That passion for our business keeps driving us on. With belief in the quality of what we’re offering, the reliability of our service, and honesty and kindness in our interactions, we forge relationships over time. We market to create “awareness” and to pique “interest.” We market to make human connections and build trust. With time and patience, our marketing tools become stronger until, at last, we’re selling regularly, having “transferred our feelings” to an ever-growing loyal clientele.

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Phyllis Cohen, The Canadian Pronunciation Coach, working with clients to Speak English with Clarity. For more information, visit, or contact me directly at

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