Distinctive Patterns: A Stepping Stone to Business Growth

Social learning is the cognitive process of learning that takes place in a social context through observation (google definition).  As adults we practice that on daily basis even without being conscious of that practice.  Whether it be at home or at work we learn by observing, and occasionally we are cognitively challenged to discover and change our behaviour in different social surroundings.

Here are three Social learning methods that apply to the small business:

  1. Set the behavioural principles that will identify your company. Lead by example.  Through social learning and observation, clients, vendors and staff will embrace these behavioural principles when dealing with you and/or your company (examples: honesty and a high level of integrity).
  2. Set quality standards that will identify your product. Develop a pattern that will win consumer confidence. Through social learning consumers will notice and embrace this pattern and your company will gain the reputation of only getting quality products.  A great example is Costco: They do not advertise, yet through social learning consumers have embrace their pattern of delivering quality products for the best price.
  3. Make it your mark to provide an ultimate customer significance practice. It can be through creating a return policy that will make your customer feel distinct. Or through honouring a privacy policy that matter to the customer. Or by treating the customer with a cheerful and respectful manner.  The customer will pick up on that distinctive mark through social learning of patterns and behaviours.

Does your company environment nurture a distinct social learning environment? Is your company marked by behaviour that defines its identity?

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