Prioritizing Will Increase Efficiency for The Small Business

Everyday brings with it new tasks, situations and a to do list that is overwhelming. Thinking of the day and the things that need to get done can be stressful and frustration may take over. One proven solution to stay in control is to apply prioritizing techniques.

Prioritizing what should get done in a day is a skill that anyone can acquire with a little bit of organization and discipline. However, learning to stay focused and on goal requires determination and persistence.

Each day, one gets to do planned activities and unplanned activities.  It is easy to prioritize the planned activities, and with applying few techniques, prioritizing becomes a task that increases efficiency in a normal day.  As for the unplanned activities that unexpectedly come up during our day, the best way to handle them is by staying focused on business goals and by making decisions that are driven by these goals.

Here are few techniques that may help in the prioritizing process:

  1. Create a To-Do list the night before. Just work on a list without even thinking of what should get done first or last.
  2. First thing in the morning, fetch the To-Do list completed the night before, read it carefully, and based on business goals for the day take out the tasks that may not seem important.
  3. Number the remaining items on the To-Do list based on importance to goals for the day.
  4. Deal with unplanned activities that may unexpectedly arise, by making decisions based on daily goals.

During the prioritizing process, learning to say “No” may seem a difficult practice at first, but it’s a practice that needs to get done in order to stay focused on the prime tasks assigned for each day.

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