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3 Promotional Solutions to Grow Your Business

Most small businesses create their marketing strategies without considering the many online marketing tools available for them to use as they promote and create visibility for their business.  Here are three promotional tools that will help grow a small business.

  1. Speaking at events: To become a speaker at events may require some effort to attend the different events that take place in a business area.  Joining business networking groups and becoming active members there may open up opportunities for increased visibility for a small business. In some groups, speaking at events may be offered as a benefit to members only.
  2. Podcasting: Position your business as a leader in its business industry, create podcasts that educate, inform or maybe create awareness about a product or service. Podcasting is a growing trend that will increase visibility for your business, and they make good content to post and circulate on social media platforms.
  3. Advertise in a community newspaper: Community magazines are usually widely distributed and read by the public.  Find the community magazine that is most viewed by your business target audience and run an ad there for few months in a row.  Ads are most effective when seen by the viewer repetitively.

Some beneficial promotional resources that are worth exploring are:

  • Bizbites by OSBN ( – a pool for business podcasts
  • Snapd North Mississauga ( – a community magazine that is read by over 48,000 readers per month.
  • OSBN® Meetup Group – ( – providing business networking events.

More tools are available out there, explore opportunities and search for what works best to position your business as a leader in its own industry.

3 thoughts on “3 Promotional Solutions to Grow Your Business”

  1. We haven’t tried podcasting but we certainly take advantage of YouTube, doing webinars, and going Live on Facebook. The interaction that it creates, the ability to provide education is easy, and if you need to be “real” with your audience you can be. I think the ease and cost (or lack of cost) gives so many opportunities that are overlooked!

    I always preach GOOD. QUALITY. ENGAGING. CONTENT. Especially if you are a small business. I list 10 great FREE tools to use if you are a small business in my of my blog posts. Feel free to check it out.

    Thanks for sharing. Good read!

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    1. Would you please send me a link to your blog. I would love to read you article on 10 great free tools to use. I do use YouTube as well, but I admit I have to use its full capabilities. YouTube is definitely a very powerful tool for the small business.

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      1. Absolutely! Video is very powerful. I always recommend it as well. Facebook Live is cheap and easy. Posting videos to LinkedIn is great and YouTube great to do as well. Little hint if you ever do a Facebook Live you can download the video and upload to your YouTube account. Be careful with linking out from LinkedIn and Facebook now though, your post won’t show up as much. It needs to be “original and organic” to that platform. Anyways…I’m done rambling! Here is the link and I have a few others you are more than welcome to read!

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