3 Ways To Reach Mobile Users

A 2015 study by “Smart Insight” indicated that 80% of internet users use smartphones. One important 2016 business trend is the increase in use for mobile apps in business.  Is your business ready to reach out to mobile users? Do you, as a business owner, realize the importance of reaching out to mobile app audience?

3 Ways To Reach Mobile Users

Get a business Mobile app: Invest in having someone create business mobile apps that reflect your business identity and environment.  That could be a more expensive and challenging option to reach mobile users as businesses will have to come up with creative ideas that will trigger handlers to download and use the business app.

Business Directory Apps: Subscription based business directory apps help in creating business presence among mobile users.  Some mobile apps have local businesses pinned on a map; others may have them listed with search capabilities. And in some cases some may have both features included.  Make sure you subscribe to a local business directory app as a reach out to mobile users.

Content:  There are marketing services that feed into mobile apps.  Podcasts are an amazing marketing tool that is easy to link as a feed.  Subscribe to apps that feature existing podcasts that allow users to contribute content to their channel; that’s one way to increase business visibility among mobile users.

The later two ways are more cost effective and doable for small businesses to reach mobile users.  There are plenty of apps that provide local directory listings.  Find the app that is wide spread in your area and subscribe to get your business listed there.

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