Is My Business Ready To Move Into An Office Space?

Small business owners spend time on the road going from one meeting to another trying to accommodate client’s geographic locations. At times these efforts may result in sales; while at other times, the result is just an introductory meeting or an information session that could have been done online.

Having a home office space helps enormously in keeping the costs low and the business organized and administered well, but it does not save on wasted travel time and gas when having to meet with clients. In addition, the shadow of not looking professional will follow the business and shake the business owner’s confidence in being able to meet client requirements. When does a small business owner start needing a physical office space outside their home? And is it worth investing in an office space?

Let’s look at the benefits for a small business to rent office space:

  1. Enhance your business image. Give your business a professional image by renting an office space. It makes your business look more established and gives a feel that your business is there to stay.
  2. Benefit from student placement programs. Students are always on the lookout for good placements where they can gain experience from. These students look for businesses with office space, and they are a good temporary help to a small business.
  3. Permanent business address. Every business needs a permanent address and small business owners struggle with that as to give out the home address intrudes with family privacy. Renting an office space or renting a permanent office address would make the business look more professional and at the same time reduce the risks for exposing their home address.
  4. Professional environment. For businesses that are struggling with finding quality work time at home there is the option of shared office space. Affordable and will give them the quality time they need to conduct their business. Meeting with clients can happen in the boardroom or the lobby at the office rental property.
  5. Save on coffee/tea costs. Its respectful to offer clients that come to meet with you a cup of coffee or tea. Look for office space rentals that provide free coffee and/or tea.
  6. Marketing Benefits. Establishing good connections with other professionals at the rental business hub will provide the business with good leads that will refer clients to them. Some rental business hubs provide marketing benefits like having networking events at the premises or shared advertising or even including clients’ businesses in their social media marketing… look for Office rental business hubs that offer these extra marketing solutions for their clients.
In this time and age, a business does not have to buy premises or rent a big space if they are just a handful of employees working for a company. Seek out office rental business hubs that provide the needed solutions for your business. Once a small business establishes office presence its relationship with its clients change. The client’s perception to the business transforms into a more confident and assured relationship that will last for years to come.

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