Factors That Determine What Social Media Platform Work For Your Business

An Analysis of 3 Major Social Media Platforms 

Social media users have significantly increased in 2016 making Facebook the most popular social media platform for Americans. A US National survey states that 79% of Americans use Facebook as their primary Social Media Platform[1]. The number of Facebook users have spiked due to the amount of middle-aged adults joining Facebook. However, does that mean that Facebook is the best Social Media Platform to use for your business?

There are different factors that determine which social media platform should be used for a business. However, depending on your business type and target audience you can come up with a good social media marketing strategy. This strategy may incorporate presence on all social media platforms, but the focus would be on where your audience is.  A business may get thousands of likes on Facebook but may fail to develop engagement. This is an indicator that it is not the right platform to invest time in, but it does not imply taking Facebook out of the equation. A business still needs to create visibility for its brand, but it will be a better investment to spend time on a Social Media platform that allows an active forum with its audience.

Twitter is an amazing tool for branding a business, but with specific types of businesses it may not create engagement.  It may create a lot of discussions for pop culture and breaking news, but for a business that sells products and/or services it mostly helps in highlighting the brand.

As a business owner that caters to small businesses, I found that spending time on Instagram is worthwhile.  It is easy to interact and build hype for my business at the same time. Adding hashtags to posts on Instagram actually bring in interested audience.

Experiment and test different methods like this to find out what works best for your business in order to build a strong Social Media marketing strategy.


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