The Power of Creating Visibility for your Small Business

Business owners get busy running the day to day work, and most of the time they forget that there is power in prioritizing the tasks that create visibility for their business. Having the ultimate product and service is important and creating a brand is essential, however, all work will go in vein if creating visibility for the brand and/or product/service is not given utmost importance.

Here are 4 reasons that justify time spent on increasing visibility for a small business:

  1. It is essential for the business target market to recognize its logo: A business logo is a symbol that represents the business entity. Creating visibility for that business logo will allow the target audience to recognize it when they see it. Placing ads in newspapers, being visible and active on social media, joining small business forums… blogs and platforms, having a business website, creating online content. These are all ways that promote a business and create visibility for its logo.
  2. It is essential for the business audience to get to relate the logo with products and/or services: When a business designates time and money for increasing visibility, consumers will get to a point where they will visualize the product and/or service as soon as they see the business logo. For example, when consumer see the “SAMSUNG” logo immediately they relate it to electronics. And when they see “Laura Secord” Logo, they immediately think of chocolate.
  3. It is essential for the audience to hear from the business frequently: Updates and newsletters about the business, offers and coupons, follow-up calls and invitations to upcoming events; these are all ideas of how a business can stay in touch with its consumers.
  4. It is essential for the audience to see a business figure: Whether it be the owner of the company or the president, there is power in relational marketing. Humans usually relate to humans! A representative of a company indicates that there is someone people can go to if something went wrong. It also indicates that somebody is working hard to ensure the credibility of the service or product they are offering.

Have you invested time and money in increasing your business visibility? If you are a small business owner, give time to attend business networking events. Meet people and be active on business networks, promote your logo and business identity. Visibility has its power in placing a business as a leader in its own industry.

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