Have You Equipped Your Business for Growth?

In business life, the inception of a new idea potentially turns into a vision.  However, a vision does not bring growth to a business except if the business owner gets busy equipping their business for growth. A vision may direct a business, it may lead the path and be the foundation for objectives and goals, but it will require some equipping along the way to bring growth. Here are few steps that will equip a small business for growth:

  1. Register a business to give it an identity and status
  2. Organize the business idea by writing a business plan.  Even if it was a short 2 pages plan, the purpose is to help detail the idea, eliminate chaos that may result in delays, and bring it into existence.
  3. Write the vision and mission statements to define a purpose for the business.
  4. Detail the product/service. Give it a name, a price and a description.
  5. Package products/services to facilitate the process of sales and provide a value added bundle for the client.
  6. Prepare a presentation highlighting your products and services to display when meeting with clients.
  7. Prioritize marketing the business and treat it as an integral part of the budget. One of the main purposes of marketing is to increase visibility of your brand and cause people to talk about it.
  8. Marketing attracts leads and fans to your brand (and/or product/service), and these leads will spread the word about your business.
  9. Stay up to date with the latest trends.
  10. Make an effort to stay abreast with technologies.
  11. Be ready to answer questions about your business.
  12. Meet with clients in a professional environment.  Find an office rental provider that will equip the business for growth by providing quality services and benefits.

There are two concepts that are important to understand and that contribute to the growth of a business:

  1. Give first and that will open doors for others to give back.  Do not be afraid to provide free services. Identify a service that may turn into a hit and offer it for free at start.  Take facebook, Twitter and linkedIn as examples, the platforms have been offered free since their inception, and once they became popular the owners started finding ways to monetize them.
  2. A business does not grow without an investment.  Whether it be time investment or money investment, it has to be substantial.  A business grows gradually, but the time will come when a business has to run from a physical space that will allow it to grow.  Looking for an office to rent becomes a must, and through weighing the pros and cons the small business owner gets to choose the office solution that works best for their business.  Beware as the benefits that come with an office will definitely determine how much the business gets equipped for growth.

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